Tantus Ripple Large

This Ripple Large butt plug is made of pure silicone that can be boiled to sterilize, making it an excellent choice for anal play. This easier to use alternative to anal beads is a solid shaft, which ensures it glides in smoothly, treating the user to four beads that graduate in girth from a 7/8" diameter to 1 1/2" near the base. The flared base is harness compatible, ensuring the Ripple Large works seamlessly into your sex play. To keep the surface smooth, be sure to only use water-based lubricants with this silicone sex toy. Anal beads are amazing; there is no anal toy we sell more popular than our small anal bead Ripple. The beautiful pop they make is wonderful, both visually as well as tactile. It can be such a nice building block too slowly working it in and popping it out, and again slowly in and in and then pop it out, and again in and in and in and pop out and pop out and pop out. Color: Black Type: Butt Plug Material: Silicone Length: 6 3/4" Circumference: 4 1/2" Special Features: Boilable.


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