Playing Well with Others

Whether you're a trembling novice or a jaded expert, there's always something new to be discovered in the endlessly changing, complex and titillating world of kink.

While there are plenty of other books out there that explain how to give a spanking or tie a half-hitch, Playing Well With Others is the first book that explains kink *culture* -- the munches, parties, leather bars, conferences, workshops, fetish nights, exploratoriums and all the other gatherings of kinksters that turn BDSM and leather from a bedroom predilection to a lifestyle and a community.
You'll learn to:
- Examine your own motivations, needs, wants and desires

- Ease your way into established communities

- Understand etiquette in different adventurous sex communities

- Familiarize yourself with the many types of events available to you

- Care for your relationships as you explore new territory

- Negotiate for play and aftercare

- Go back to the "world at large" without ruffling feathers

- ...and, of course, answer the all-important question: What do you wear?


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