Leather Flogger 20"

Spartacus Leathers SM Tools Strap Whip. Crave 20" Strap Whip Purple Leather. The kiss of the whip. Exciting. Intriguing. There are many reasons why this sensational tool has long been the stuff of fantasies. It is all within your grasp, whether you wield your strap whip with quick stinging strokes or steady thudding massage. These high quality leather strap whips, also known as floggers, are each crafted from twenty-two 0.25 inch straps, featuring studded handles for a comfortable grip. Leather strap whips. Long strands whips for intimate fun. Like all of Spartacus whips these deluxe designs are expertly hand crafted to precise standards. The same great design with wrapped handle. D-ring on the end helps to keep whip in hand. Weighs 1.04 pounds. Spartacus Themes Crave features a little bit of everything from couples toys to leather whips. Crave provides a great selection, all in sensual violet leather with sexy black accents. Spartacus A Passion For Quality Catalog page 62. Made in the USA. New images added February 2, 2013. Colors may vary.


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