Rianne S Anas Trilogy I

All good things come in threes. Named after the mother of all goddesses , Anas trilogy invites women to discover the goddess within. These beautiful , elegant, products allow women to get back in touch with their desires, while feeling comfortable and sexy.
Kit 1 Includes:
Silk blindfold: Luxurious silk to sharpen the senses and surrender to desire
Lipstick vibrator: A lipstick is a girls best friend, especially with this lipstick vibrator. No one will ever notice this discreet coral red pocket vibrator.
Pleasure feather: Tease and tickle with this soft and elegant pleasure feather.
Stainless Steel & Purple stone nipple clamps: A little pain is wonderful, especially with these nipple clamps. The stainless steel contrasts beautifully with the purple stone. The adjustable clamp allows the pressure to be self-regulated.

$29.99 $20.99

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