Sportsheets Door Cuffs

Door Jam Cuffs are great for stand up sex. The quickest set up ever! No installation! Will not leave any marks on doors! Place straps over the door, then close firmly. Opens the door to your fantasies. Great for travel to hotels and no tell motels. Comes with one pair of cuffs and 2 door jam straps. Sports Cuffs are comfortable, adjustable, and sturdy. Fits almost any door. Easy on, easy off Velcro closures. Details: turn your door into a bondage playground! No installation required. Slip the straps over the door and close the door. Approximately 8.5 inches of the strap will attach to the cuffs. Slide cuffs on top of the door for wrists or under the door for ankles. Materials: Velboa fabric, polypropylene webbing, nickel free hardware, Velcro, plastic tube and cap. Includes: 2 wrist/ankle cuffs attached to 2 door straps. Door Jam Cuffs Set is a registered trademark for Sportsheets. Keeping couples connected. 18


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