Sex Positions for Every Body

Sexologist Dr. Jill McDevitt Reveals Satisfying Sex Tips, Tricks And Techniques in This Must-Have Guide To Getting Off. Prepare For Mind-Blowing Ideas And Innovative Sex Positions For Giving And Getting Pleasure.

New to sex and looking for honest, judgment-free answers? Ready to spice up a dull routine with exciting new sex positions? Whatever kind of sex you’re having, and whatever your experience level, you want the sex to be good. Right? So what, exactly, is good sex?

Let Dr. Jill be your guide in Sex Positions for Every Body. She brings her refreshing 21st century female perspective to this fun and frank manual of sex positions that caters to all curiosities.

In Part One, Dr. Jill offers fresh perspectives on all things sex—from fantasy sharing to exploring erogenous zones to enhancing play with sex toys (plus creative DIY substitutes, like shower curtains and olive oil) to some Kama Sutra myth busting.

In Part Two, she shares a variety of sex positions to get creative in the bedroom (or any room).


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